Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Mumbai Wall

Just along from the station closest to one of the entrances to Dharavi, is a wall of street art, which the Lonely Planet had referred to as India's version of Berlin's East Side Gallery. Although, without the historical political subdivision...

The Wall Project started by a group of former arts and graphics students, painting their neighbours walls. It has now spread to this open-air stretch of contemporary murals, numbering up to 600.

It starts at Mahim Station, runs along the train line, and is nicknamed the 'Great Wall of Mumbai'. I drove along a couple of sections in my taxi after my Slum tour, and jumped out to take a couple of photos.

The Project invites artist to add their piece, provided it's not explicit, political or religious. Although in the stretch I saw, there was not a lot of room let!


  1. The colours in India are spectacular. I love seeing them - the photos you've shared as well as the ones by others show such vibrancy.

    1. Ha, don't be fooled - there is a lot of yuck and drab around too! It has it all!


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