Thursday, June 27, 2013


On Saturday night I took Chrystal and her mate Karl along to see a gig here in Melbourne, at The Corner. After many drinks upstairs we joined the growing crowd in the bandroom downstairs, catching the support of Toot Toot Toots.

The headliners were Wagons, for a pre-recorded album preview. And they were awesome. Such fun.

Lots of new tracks, mingled in with songs from their many albums. Some of the standouts included their version and tribute to Kenny Rogers, in the Gambler. Complete with picking numbers for a roulette wheel verse from the crowd.

The Elvis cover, Never Been To Spain was introduced as one that they may not be able to play soo, they are headed there for a show soon. More laughs with Keep Your Eyes Off My Sister, Henry Wagons chat with the filled room, and Love Me Like I Love You. The biggest song was Willie Nelson – which set off the whole bandroom singing along about Willie - Willie! Willie! WILLIE! Hilarious.

A funny, witty country folk rock twang, channelling Johnny Cash/Nick Cave, Henry Wagons is an amazing front man. Maybe one of the best beards in music right now! This band has such a cult-like following, and this album is bound to gain more and more listeners...once it's recorded and released later this year.

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