Saturday, June 22, 2013

SFK's Star Crossed Cities

Having seen Something For Kate just in October I was not sure about seeing them again so soon, but I do love this new album, and had my arm twisted! It really wasn’t that hard, in the end.  Carl and I headed out to Richmond on Saturday night for a couple of pre-gig drinks across the road at The Post Office, before taking our spot in the bandroom at The Corner.

SFK opened with Captain (Million Miles An Hour), much to the delight of my gig buddy Carlos who is a massive fan, and was experiencing a gig at The Corner for the first time – what a way to open his account there! Ha!

Weighted with tracks from the mound of past albums, it was five songs into the almost 2 hour set before we heard the beautiful Sooner Or Later You’re Gonna Have To Do Something About Me, from the new album.

Survival Expert, The Fireball At The End Of Everything, and Star-Crossed Citizens was in there too, along with California, and The Astronaut.

One of the most spine-tingling aspects of seeing Something For Kate live, or even just following them on Facebook, is the sprinkling of covers Paul Dempsey smashes with that vocal range and emotive delivery. Truly, which is heart-stopping with Dempsey’s delivery, is an obscure cover from them, but so amazing. A favourite of mine, not too many seemed to know it. But then they filled the room with voices with the massive Hunters and Collectors’ When The River Runs Dry.

But then the encore started with Sweet Nothing, the latest Triple J Like A Version from the band, and surely a candidate for high honours in this year’s Hottest 100 already.

Finishing with Deja Vu and Pinstripe, it was another amazing show, a seriously good live band.

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