Friday, June 14, 2013

It's Snowing In Hyderabad!

There is snowfall every hour in Hyderabad, every day. Which is hard to believe when you have been battling the humidity for 5 days, but it does! Snow World is a theme park just near the lake, and our hotel, and was a bizarre, funny respite break from the heat outside.

Once you have paid your entry, and the cost of taking a camera in too, you are scanned through security (of course!) and then provided with a ski jacket, puffy gloves, socks, and gumboots. Four of us went after a day of seeing some sights in the city, and started laughing right from gowning up.

Once you are ready and suited up, you are led through the double doors - into a room with snow on the ground! After the first two slips in the crunchy white stuff under your feet, and the obligatory snowball throws at each other, bemusement is really the only way to describe your experience.

From where you stand a few metres in from the door you just entered, you can see a lot of Indian locals relishing in the joy of playing in snow. We basked in the very low temperature inside, as a welcome relief after a little over two weeks in India to date.

A set of ice block table and chairs are over near the refreshment stand, and there is a kid's play area. There are basketball hoops, because when there is snow you want to shoot hoops, apparently!

The toboggan run is at the back of the huge room, and surely something that has to be done!

You are released into the "Cryozone" in hour sessions, and after you have spent some time checking out the weird and wonderful features - it snows!

Enough powdery icy snow is projected out over the crowd, to give you all a good coating of white snow. It's surreal!

And then, once the snowfall has finished and you think things could not be any more unbelievable, it's Snow Disco time! There are disco lights and pop music, and all the young people in the room rush over to the dance area, and let loose!

I couldn't make this up if I tried! I think we pulled stomach muscles from laughing all the way through our almost hour in the room, as we took our leave as the dancing intensified. The perfect antidote to the challenges of travel in India, a very frosty cool down, and some serious silliness! A must for a Hyderabadi visit!

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