Sunday, November 24, 2013

Aussies Up 1-0 - The Home Ashes Series

I have just made it to the airport after four days of cricket, and managing to see the last wicket of our first Aussie win in what feels like forever - and more importantly, a convincing first Test win in this home Ashes series.

The 'Gabba test is the first for the Summer, and what a cracking, and frankly unexpected start!

I flew up on Wednesday afternoon, and B and Jess arrived over the evening, ready for Day 1 the next day. We booked an Air BnB apartment, which was easy, and worked well for us.

Meeting Ben and Simon for a breakfast drink, before making our way to our seats, the atmosphere was electric, as it should be at the beginning of an Ashes series.

The Aussies batting first, there were many stumbles at the crease, and some worries returned from the series mid year. Some steadying from Haddin and Johnson had the day ending on a good enough note. The score was 8 for 273.

Jess and Andrew joined us for Day 2, ticking off the Test venue for them, as we showed them the full experience. Across the road for beers at the German Club at Lunch - and then amazingly a cracking day of Aussie bowling. At one point the passage of play had resulted in England offering 6 for 9! Unbelievable!

England all our for 136, and then the Aussie openers had a happy little run making session, with Warner closing the day on 49.

Today and yesterday started with a walk across the Story Bridge, taking in the city sight, before getting to the 'Gabba.

Yesterday gave us Aussie run joy, with a century from Warner, then Clarkie, and a half ton from Haddin. A whopping 560 runs ahead of England, for the last innings.

This morning we arrived at the ground knowing we just needed 8 good balls. And the rain to hold off. We got the wickets, just in time for me, despite two rain delays, one storm with thunder and lightening, hail and sideways rain. And an Ashes win!

What an exciting feeling. The team seemed more together than they have been for some time, and the Summer is looking very good!

Many of the Waving The Flag family had traveled up or across, or even internationally, for the match, and these last 4 days have been amazing, hanging out with some of my very favourite people.

A win in Brisbane is always a great way to start, and we are looking forward to the next  in less than 2 weeks.

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