Thursday, November 28, 2013

Peru And My Wanderlust

As a constant dreamer of travel, and someone who is always on the lookout for the next trip idea to grow as a little seed in my mind, and develop into a serious yearning, and then a plan, I am a sucker for blog posts, travel stories, and footage of potential places. It doesn't take much for me to start to long for some months free ahead to put together a trip to the Central and South Americas, which is definitely a trip I want to take one day. Peru is very high on that list, for all the usual reasons.

The Inca Empire. And Macchu Piccu, of course!

Although this video package from Marca Peru opens up a lot more to me than the hike or train into home of the Incas and Macchu Piccu. A lot more!

The history and cultural aspects of Peru I think I had a vague notion about, but the colours and diversity of this footage makes me want to know more! The ancient culture, and the fact that Peru is home to one of the greatest civiliations of all time, being some 5000 years of history, is mind-boggling!

That emerging shot of Macchu Piccu, though, gets me every time!

I would love to check out the city of Lima, and then as a Loreto school girl here in Australia, I would have to check out the Amazon River from the north-eastern town region called Loreto. Down south I would be keen to get to Cusco, the "birthplace of the world", and gateway to get to Macchu Piccu. I would imagine that kind of rough idea of places would lend me to plenty of unexpected adventures in between!

Live it for real! I want!! Love the hook - totally increases my want to go! I dare you to watch the video, and not be enchanted by Peru! Impossible!

This is a Sponsored Post, but my travel lust, wonderment at the sight of Macchu Piccu, and the dreams of going to South America are entirely my own!

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