Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hellenic Republic

The Greek neighbourhood restaurant by MasterChef's Celebrity Chef George Calombaris had been a long recommended, and desired dinner destination, so when the family was to see off Katie to her UK adventures, this was the venue picked. Hellenic Republic sits in a nonchalant area of upper Lygon Street, not something you stumble upon, but make a point of getting to.

I joined the table as the start of our banquet was served, with olives and pita bread with taramosalata, Tyri saganaki with peppered figs, and kalamari. I was given a quick run down, and regardless of the pronunciation and our memory of the items on the plate, they were delicious!

We had ordered the Dexiosis banquet, where each serve was delivered to the table, to share.

Next was the seafood delights, with grilled fish (swordfish), the scallop skordalia crusted, and a Cypriot salad that had us all swooning. Look at those pomegranates!

The kitchen is open for view, and buzzing with frenetic activity. Our servers were cheeky and attentive, and somehow guessed why we were out for dinner together as a family - we must have hinted at reservation, surely! Chats about family, family position, and who was what, kept us enchanted and delighted.

Next serving made us quiet again, with the meat of the day, roasted potatoes, a cabbage salad, and tzatziki. Oh! So good!

Amazingly, we had room for dessert, although frankly, I don't know how! The selection was the chilled rice pudding, which was lovely. Our lactose intolerant member got to have the Greek doughnuts with walnuts and honey, and we each had a sample and were a little envious!

A perfectly lovely family dinner, and send off for our little one. This Greek spot is worth the drive to get to!

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  1. Reading this post isn't helping my hunger pangs! I would love some of those rice pudding right now, with coffee :D


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