Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Horn Please!

Since returning from my travels in India, the idea of finding the array of tastes from over there had been a bit of a quest. The food there was incredible, and is never really replicated by your standard Indian takeaway, somehow.

A few months back, my taste for India was rejuvenated, with a visit to Horn Please. In fact, I have been twice so far, and even just thinking about the flavours on the menu make me want to go back again!

Nestled along St Georges Road in Fitzroy North, the restaurant is beautifully fitted. Indian script on the walls, projected images, family photos in regal dress adorn the walls.

For starters I have been unable to resist the Samoas - pomegranate and green mango in with potato, encased in crispy pastry. So good! A prefect beginning...and a transportation straight back to the street samoas in Hyderabad.

The drinks options are extensive, and I mean beer! The set up is that you just go to the fridge and select what you want. Kingfisher, of course, is one of the many options. A selection of beers from India, and a host from other places. Even four cider options.

The service is great and attentive, and there is a real family and authentic feel about the place. It has been pretty busy each time I have been, and quite rightly so. The food is wonderful!

The Palak Paneer was my go to in India, and here it is on the menu at Horn Please. That, and the Butter Chicken, have also been irresistible for my selections. I really need to branch out further in the menu - but these two are so good!

They also run a food truck, which floats around the city, so these tastes are out and about everywhere. The perfect teleporter back to my travels, right here in Melbourne.

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