Sunday, November 17, 2013

Project 52: Sunday Lunchtime

On this particular Sunday I was on the way home to Ballarat to visit all of my remaining possessions, to swap out some work clothes, some weekend clothes, and collect some other bits and pieces I wanted from my storage room at my long suffering mother's house. I was changing locum roles the next day, so needed some more corporate attire, and I was getting bored with some of the other bits of the contents of my pack!  But I needed to eat before I hit the road, and discovered that the location of Mr Burger was on the way! Perfect!

My love of the food truck craze continues! The truck was parked alongside Edinburgh Gardens, so I got to sit out and enjoy it. This was my first feed from Mr Burger, and it was pretty hearty and very good. Perfect for the drive down and back on the Western Highway.

This post is part of Project 52 with Jess from FuShMuSh.

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