Friday, November 15, 2013

Dan Sultan In Castlemaine

The temptation to see Dan Sultan play the collections of songs from his forthcoming album again was too hard to resist once a show was announced at the Theatre Royal in Castlemaine. Such a gorgeous, and intimate feel venue, and he also has a special connection to the town, which makes the show even more heartfelt.

Michelle and I had dinner at The Western in Ballarat, before we drove across. The Western has been done up recently, with stripped back walls, stylised fittings, and an extensive menu.

The drive took me back to the old work days of covering this countryside, with rain, a rainbow, and then the sunset colours over the countryside.

Joining the standing crowd, as the seated patrons finished off the final dish of their meals, Kali joined us, and we sampled the wine from the bar.

Once Dan took the stage he was so talkative, and confessed that he was nervy, which made him more chatty. He introduced the room to his grandmother, in the audience, and told story after story about each song for the night.

The two sets, broken with a break for all, opened with Caroline from his first release, before he shared a host of new tracks he has newly recorded.

Just one song from Get Out While You Can, he performed Old Fitzroy at keys, and poured so much emotion into it, it felt like everyone was holding their breath. Amazing.

He returned for a final song for an encore, the newly released Under Your Skin. So edgy and different to his other tracks.

I cannot wait for this new album, but have to until early next year according to the press Dan has done in the past week.


  1. Have you seen the video for Under Your Skin? I've watched it... several times.

    1. Yeah, I have. Pretty stylised stuff!


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