Monday, February 07, 2005

Beers and being an expat in PP

Am having so much fun catching up with everyone here in Phnom Penh, and eating and drinking at all the old haunts. And some of the new ones! There have been a few surprises actually, like Curtis being in town - had no idea he was popping in from Canada at the same time.

Watching the cricket on Friday at the Gym Bar (which was actually called something else when I lived here - a typical recycling) with Magid and Cal, and later Sharee, Evie and Curtis. The Gym Bar seems to be Aussie run, but is a typical male expat bar - sports on the big screen, beer and whiskey (or whatever), and taxi-girls a-plenty. Luckily the cricket is one too early for it's full glory.

After watching the Aussie's win, I had a cocktail with Sharee and a bit of a catch-up, Japanese for dinner, and then later that night we all went off to Elsewhere for a party they had on.

Elsewhere is also a new place to me - it is actually a beautiful white french style house on amazing gardens, set up as a bar/cafe/shop/pool place to be. Friday night there seemed to be every young expat in town wandering around the gardens, and tiny dancefloor - where are all those people everyday??!!

There never seemed to be that many people floating around town when I lived here!! Unfortunately, Evie was wondering that same... (More photos.)

Spent yesterday, after a reimenicent PP hangover, poolside at Le Royal- very nice! Slipping into the expat style of looking for the newest and most "you could be anywhere", "it doesn't even feel like you are in Phnom Penh" places is all a bit too easy - although not necessarily what I want to do as a visitor. Luckily as a lady of leisure during the work week, I can visit the usual Khmer-ish places!

Off now to watch the second innings of the cricket back at the Gym Bar....


  1. Hey Tash, Very jealous hearing about PP. have you seen your moto driver?- as you can tell I don't know how to spell his name! If you were wondering my shoesize is 9 1/2!!

  2. actually so jealous I just looked up the price of flights!!! Dean said yes instaed of the ashes- now he has got me thinking


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