Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Poo Free Day!

Today has been a poo free day here at work! I am so pleased! Although tomorrow morning I may well be up to my wrist in shit - so it will all balance out. Lucky me.

Plus poo day is an earlier start, which make it all the more fun.

I am getting into the routine, and being driven bananas at the same time!! I am not sure being in a situation like this, this intense with one person, is quite the way to develop a liking for the POMs. Hmmm. But this is quite extraordinary - the one on one, 24/7 deal.

I am fluctating constantly from being annoyed to destraction, to being totally understanding. Although my patience reserves are pushed to the limit daily.

I do understand the need for order, and have always respected the whole put-things-back-where-you-found them. But not if we are using them again in half an hour!!! And this place is labelled to within an inch of it's life!! One previous PA has gone to town in the PA bedroom, and there are labels letting us know which is the clock, the mirror, etc. So tempting! Very amusing.

On the other hand, I find it unimaginable to consider not being able to move anything from my neck down, and being TOTALLY dependent on other people. Both people you know, and complete strangers. I mean, if I ever need full assistance to take a shit.... But then, these client's lead very full and amazing lives. It's all doing my head in.

The real thing though is that I am gagging for a beer. Hanging. Not allowed to drink at all on assignment, so I can see some major binge drinking happening on my off weeks for the next 6 months - fellow Londoners beware! Bring it on, I say! Ireland here I come!

Spoke to Dom today, after failing to meet up before she returns home, with my early work placement. But she swears she'll be back, which is awesome.

Happy Birthday today to Kristen and Slavka. And a big kiss to Kaiyn, who was 5 yesterday (can you believe that??!!).


  1. I think your blog entry was a little TMI today *G*. Be careful! Don't get fired because of your blog like

  2. I think it was hilarious! God your funny Tash. Let's squeeze in a beer or two next week after you finish your assignement and before I head off to Oz.

  3. hey tash i hear shane crawford has been up to old tricks, the club has suspended him for one match! no wonder hes not the leader of your team! Hawthorn scum!-deano

  4. Please! You people only have to read about it!! And I have been extra careful for Confidentiality reasons. Couldn't give you more info even if I wanted to (and you hadn't passed out at the horror!).

    And Deano - I would rather be watching a bunch of good looking bad boys play footy, than a pack of sooks like Essenscum!

    God! I miss the footy already. How is this going to work!

    Speaking of...girls? What happened to JB? How is Trent looking? Is Jonny Hay looking like he might actually play this year?? Please! I need real footy goss!! *g*


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