Thursday, March 10, 2005

Back to London, Football, and Art

I am back to sharing floor space in Charles' room, at number 57B, in Fulham. Despite a small mishap with my boots from Beautiful Shoes (see here), all is well, and it's really a great spot to base oneself. And I am not the only freeloader here, so I feel much better about it all! It's not quite the London-sharehouse-with-15-other-people story, and despite not rating in Charles' "I just don't have any of my close mates here" diatribe, we are getting along fine! And I think I am his date for a big gig tomorrow night...

I am actually pretty buggered after my first assignment, and am glad to have the time to take it easy. Have muscle soreness is places I clearly haven't used for quite some time - having not had to move a person around for many years in the care kind of manner!

Soccer is everywhere here, and really unavoidable. Especially for a sports fans such as myself. Despite whinging and moaning in Cambodia with the lads, and then with the Irish lads a year later, I can actually sit through a game, and I am figuring out what's going on. Last night there was a big Championship League game on, and I have watched the team that plays within a crowd's roar of this house - Chelsea, win. I have been convinced that this should now be my team, and apparently it's an excellent time to jump on the bandwagon! Well, I am sure I can do that!!

No hotties in the side that I could see, and I have seen some in the Spanish sides (what is it about Spanish men!!??? Can't wait to get to Spain!! Hee hee), so lets hope they can at least play to sustain my attention!! (yes, boys, when my team is playing badly, I at least need them to look good!!) Blue and White - who can imagine me cheering a team with those colours on!!

Today I wandered around The National Gallery for some "kul-cha"! Actually, strolling around the rooms of art was quite lovely. Van Gogh's Sunflowers a highlight, along with Monet and Rembrandt. I quite like Vinny's stuff. The Europeans seems to paint an awful lots of bible pieces, though, don't they?

Play in London for another few days, although I will be on standby for work from Friday till Wednesday - so I could be called out on assignment at anytime! Very rare, they tell me. But I get paid to be available!!

Happy Birthday to Charmas for Monday, and Ash on Tuesday!
Poor Angelo - when he was hot he was damn hot! Let's hope he recovers fully.


  1. Tash,

    I think you will find you always get a mention when I say how I didn't have any close mates over here, but now lots are coming over from feb to april (you being the first you goose...) You know its good having you here, although the house better be tidy by the time I eventually get home... Fire up for the crawl tonight!

    Oh, by the way, the link to my spew story thankfully doesn't work....

  2. Hey Tash,

    Thought you and Charles might like to peruse this online book to make sure you are behaving correctly while out partaking of a few English beverages! Passport to the Pub Of course I'm sure neither of you would do anything to disgrace yourselves...;)


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