Friday, March 25, 2005

Irish accents, and the sights

After another day in town yesterday, I feel like I have seen the rest of the top sights in Dublin. According to the guidebooks, anyway! And drizzle and fog has dissuaded me from going in again. After my last post, I did a little window shopping and looking in Stephen's Green shopping centre, and Grafton Street.

I then legged it all the way to Kilmainham Gaol, for a touch of Irish history. Yer man with a thick Irish accent - which was very distracting from the talk content! - was the tour guide, telling stories of uprisings and executions. No adverse prison reactions for me - I have been know to feel faint and break out in cold sweats and feel ill in jails such as Fremantle and Port Arthur and Pentridge (my convict blood, I think!!) - which was grand, cos I still think I want to be a forensic psych when I grow up! The prison was interesting to wander through, and the history told was fascinating, and shamefully new to me.

(more photos)

I bussed back into the city centre, and walked around the pubs and funky shops in Temple Bar. I then wandered up O'Connell Street to take in the hussle and bustle of it all. All the lovely old buildings and monuments - but what's with the giant needle sticking out of the street!? I guess every place has an eyesore monument that someone had thought was a great idea!!

Dublin feels quite little, especially since I have walked the length of it, and yet it is so cute. Very managable and liveable.

Has been fun just hanging out with Liz and Cathal, and Claire and Paddy during the week. Chatting about all sorts of things, escpecially their time in Australia. Got a look at Liz and Cathal's photos from their Trans-Siberian trip, and Moscow and China - looks so amazing!! I am hanging to go and experience that now! Need someone to come with me though - are you keen?? Seriously?? Anyone?

Footy's back this weekend...Dixon as full forward and Holland in at centre-half back - does this Clarkson bloke know what he's doing?? I am so in two minds about the footy this year. I ache for a good Hawthorn year - and yet I am not there, and so they can really do as poorly as we expect them to; then my absence from the outer won't hurt as much... No Thommo still breaks my heart, but new blood and ideas - and signs of actual discipline (!!) - gets the heart racing. Go Hawks!!


  1. Hey Tashy!

    Hope you had a good Easter and recovered from your little hangover!!

    I think they call that tall spike thing the "Stiffy by the Liffy".

    Take care,

    Luv Lissy

  2. What do you mean eyesore?? I'll have you know that cost us millions of euros. Don't you think its a lovely tribute to all the heroin addicts we have in our city on the Liffey??


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