Saturday, March 12, 2005

Camden Crawl

Feeling a little seedy this morning, after going along with Charles to the Camden Crawl, in yep, you guessed it, Camden! A music festival pub crawl!

After settling into one pub, based on Charles' music selection, we got a great vantage point. And got stuck into the pints.

Now, I pride myself in being able to drink with the boys - but I really think the pint is going to do me in! About double a pot, meaning not as many trips to the bar, but also means less on the count, and thus, I have been inadvertently been drinking more. (Shock, horror! Just bigger hangovers, really!!)

Was a great night out on the other side of the city, and I got to sample some live bands, and some new pubs. (more photos)

I am on standby for work today. It would be just my luck to be called out on an emergency assignment in this state!

Can't imagine been up for much today, although I am sure I could be convinced to go to the pub tonight...back on the horse!

A big happy birthday to Jessica today. I am sure she appreciated the drunken phone call home from her big sister!

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