Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Craic for Paddy's Day

Another plane ride, another stamp in my passport, and different money again to figure out - but here I am in Ireland. I am catching up with Liz and Cathal, which is so great.

Came over on Wednesday, just in time for a massive weekend. Liz come in to meet me at the airport, and then to take me out to Greystones, where they live (and where Liz grew up).

The group donned the green attire (as Cathal and Ruth point out here), and headed into Dublin town for St Patrick's Day. We wandered in to see the parade, although it was very busy and festive, and I am afraid the crowd around the parade was about 5 deep. Nevertheless, we saw all the tall floats and costumes, and it looked like there was some major effort put in. Footage on the TV later let us know that we did see all the main floats - as well at the top of the brass for the bands marching past!

Our view hampered, and all feeling thirsty, we headed for the pub. And had a great day/night! Was a massive day - everyone all decked out in green, and having a great time. Met Liz's group of friends, who are all lovely, and had a ball.

St Paddy's Day
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The next day, after significant recovery, and a walk along the beach in Greystones (and a recovery pint), we got ready for another big night for Claire's birthday. Cocktail preparations, and house decorations, the house was full before we knew it. And we all had another massive night. Was so much fun - headed out for a dance as well.

Claire's birthday
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Saturday saw more recovery drinks to overcome the hangover (I am sold on this philosophy of Claire's - it's brilliant!!), at the pub for the lads to watch the rugby. We then wandered down to The Beach House (another pub) for some Irish music, and more merriment.

The weather has been brilliant - very unusual they say - and sunny! Yesterday a group of us headed to Lough Dan for a walk amoung the greenery and the mountains. A bit of exercise and a beer-free day!

Everything is grand! and gorgeous! and I am loving it! So great to see Liz and Cathal, and hang out. Copious drinking in Ireland - exactly what I was expecting!!

Happy Birthday to Evie for Friday gone, and I hope Jess and Andrew had a great time for their big day - was thinking of you.

Off now to see the sights in Dublin...in the rain today...

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