Monday, March 07, 2005

Hearing British

The subtle language differences between us Aussies and the POMs are both amusing and frustrating at the same time. This is meant to be the mother country, and thus, surely things would be called and phrased the same! No!! Of course not!

The word duvet (pronounced doo-vey) is driving me bananas! It's a bloody doona!! I think I may well resort to the Aussie British language, like we sometime used in Cambodia (our Aussie Khmer) when things were a bit much. I'll give you your dove-et! Hee hee hee.

I have spent DAYS looking all over the house for the little cup you put water into the iron with...and I was looking for the kind of cup I have always seen with irons... Turns out the little thing with a spout and funny handle that I have been moving out of the way in the kitchen all week was the very thing I was looking for!

I am sure there are loads (another!!) of others, but those have been the things that have stood out this week. It's a bit tricky when working in this sort of role, where communication is everything, and a little misunderstanding can lead to all sorts of trouble. And "English" is supposedly my first language...

Anyway, I am shattered (tired - this is the context they use this! I was astounded when I first heard it. I thought, gee, it can't be that bad!) so I am off to bed. Finish this assignment tomorrow too, so I am off back to London. Should be on standby for work for the week and a half before Ireland...


  1. Oh god! I am sounding like an obnoxious foriegner!! Will have to stop that...

  2. aha..don't worry...lots more to come! Wait till the "Yallright" gets on your nerves. (Translation: Are you alright? Definition: Hello)

  3. *G* that's where you're wrong. Australian is your first language, not English.

  4. boy what a fuss bundle, I just fill the iron straight from the tap! but that requires a steady hand!! cheers, am loving your journal!!

  5. the anonymous comment was mine!!

  6. hiya Tash,
    great to see you are getting stuck into your blog!
    back at work...sigh..sth africa was great and have recovered from my stack...scared the pants of the team with the gory photos hehe!!
    sounds as if your work is challenging, hope you end up enjoying it! chat soon

  7. Hey Tash,
    Never mind the jug, its good to hear you know what an iron is!!


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