Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Black Easter

I am waiting at Dublin airport now for my flight back to London, after a very fun, week and a half in Ireland. Thanks a million to Paddy for getting up this morning and dropping me at the bus - after a heavy night out and all! The Irish are lovely!!

Liz's mum took us down to see Glendaloch after my last post, which is the sight of one of the first churches in Ireland. Really pretty area, with the upper and lower lakes, and St Kevin's ruins.

Nothing to do in Ireland on Good Friday except a house party apparently, so that's what we did for the evening. Most things were closed, although it wasn't a public (ie paid) day off - which is strange.

The next day we were off down to Wexford for Easter, to meet up with Cathal and his family. He is one of 6 children, of which 5 were in Wexford for Easter, and their families. Made for a huge couple of days drinking Guinness at the local, all in the name of Easter!!

We did managed to wander around the grounds of Johnstown Castle, which was really beautiful, between drinking sessions, and also had a look at the Quays area too. Oh! And saw some thatched houses too!

I have loved my time here in Ireland with Liz and Cathal, and the gang. All such lovely people! The Lonely Planet Ireland had actually said about Ireland that...

its people seem put on earth expressly to restore faith in humanity
and they are spot on! I could certainly do with a regular boost of that!!

Thanks Liz and Cathal, again, for a great 2 weeks!!

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