Thursday, June 09, 2005

At The Beach!

Have just walked along the shore, in the sunshine! There is something calming and grounding about walking along the edge of the ocean. And I haven't seen the sea since Ireland... The sunbathers are out, and it's lovely - although the wind is still cold - the POMs are mad!!

I am down in the south east of England for a new work assignment. Just a week this time (unless they change it). New client, quite a cool and relaxed guy. I am not on the wagon either, cos he likes to have someone to drink with! Ripper!

Was dragged along to see Episode 3 of Star Wars last night, with my client and his brother. Being one of the only people on the planet able to say I don't think I have seen any of them, I thought that it would just be too hard to know what's going on. (I think we had to watch Star Wars in Year 8 for Science - but I either wagged that (probably not, Mum!) or we were too busy doing things like writing on other people's hands, or something, to pay any real attention). But I did get it. The lads weren't overly impressed, and were bagging everything to Ewan's accent to the lack of gadgets they included. I didn't mind it - I had no idea Star Wars was actually all about the love of a woman!!

Have a couple of hours break now, so I am going to soak up the sun and gorgeous green-blue sea, with a book! It's a hard life!! Hee hee.

Oh! And househunting was quite good. Just looking for a 5 th person - know anyone? *wink*


  1. So if you are househunting does that mean you will give up the agency work and do something serious and grown up (like a full time, kinda permanent position?). Interesting....

  2. Serious and grown up??!! Me?? As if!!


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