Friday, June 24, 2005

Heatwave and Hogwarts

How about this heat!!?? Apparently THIS is the heatwave the Brits have all been fretting about - and it's going to be all gone and finished with, and raining again on the weekend!! What the...!? No wonder the POMs are such whingers - the weather is all over the place!! Better soak up the high 20s before they go away again! Work on that tan!

I am out at another assignment now, for a week. I am up north somewhere, 3 hours on the train from London.

On Tuesday I meet Jenny at King's Cross St Pancras Station for coffee, to work out some arrangements for the house, and so that I could get my ticket to come out to work the next day.

Oh course, no visit to that station is complete without a little play with the luggage trolley running into the wall at Platform 9 and 3/4!!!! I mean, without visiting the platform that takes wizards to Hogwarts in Harry Potter!! How funny.

Feeling a little silly (well, I was), we each had a go to see if the magic would work and we would get to board the magical red train....

Thank god the Aussies have finally won a match over here in the cricket!! I mean, I will never doubt Ricky's ability to win the Ashes again, but these lead up games were starting to get embarrassing!!! I mean, I am happy for them to get all pumped up, for us to shatter them come August - but still!! That's better, boys!!


  1. I'm pretty sure the temperature has been in the thirties a few times, not just high twenties! The air conditioning at work is on the blink and, although it's a fairly cool office on the ground floor, everyone is complaining. The funniest thing was that facilities sent out an email saying that the reason the air con wasn't working was because it wasn't designed to cope with temperatures above 30C. Isn't that the whole point of air conditioning?!

  2. Yay - I can show my face in the office again. They've been teasing me mercilessly about Bangladesh beating us all week.

  3. hey tash!

    thought I'd say hi from the Brissie conference. Wish you were here. We're having a FANtastic time. NERD it up!

    jess :D


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