Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Red Wine and Tim

A perfect way to end a busy weekend!

I finished my assignment, which is always exciting. The prospect of 5 days off till the next one had me thinking I could probably sleep for the whole time. But, as if! Nat has also commented that when I come to stay, her weekends are jam packed. Hee hee. Happy to help!

We went out for drinks and a bit of dancing on Friday night. Saturday night I went out to a piano bar to catch up with Renee for her birthday - "there'll be singing, darling!" she had said! Piano was very cute and intimate, with the occasional number from the good looking guy behind the bar (the owner?) making it a bit special. Lots of BJ and EJ all night too, which meant I did know the music! Afterwards we ended up at someone's house in the outer burbs for more drinks, a DVD, and I'll have to confess, a nap! When the movie ended and the dozers awoke, it was daylight! Opps. Getting a lift back to civilisation and creeping back in to Nat's - I was just in time to listen to the footy.

I really needn't have bothered with the footy, but it's hard to resist! Tried to sleep off my all nighter yesterday, before meeting up with the gang for a picnic in Kensington Gardens in honour of Cailtin's birthday during the week.

After that (!!), Nat and I rushed off to Ronnie Scott's to see Tim Freedman. Very exciting. Sexy Tim in a intimate little venue - without the band he was chatty, and told lots of stories behind his songs that I hadn't heard before. I don't think I will hear Blow Up The Pokies in quite the same way again. He played lots of the favourites from previous albums, and gave us a sneak peek into the new upcoming Whitlams album just finished - due out at the end of the year. (Yippee!) Sounds like our Tim has been doing some reassessing, with the new material seeming to shift away from Royal In The Afternoon sentiment, to almost quite the opposite! Couple of the new songs sounds like the party man is looking to settle down now!! Tim and 'some fine wine' - very yummy night.

I am about to head off into the city to meet up with Jenny, who is fresh off the plane ready to set up life in London too! Another person to play in London with! How exciting! I think we are doing a spot of househunting, too.


  1. I love Tim! I actually visited the website a few weeks back to see if they were touring Australia sometime soon. But no! He is over in the UK with you guys.

    No fair, you guys have it all :D (except for great weather *G*).

  2. You gotta give us a little bit of something good from back home! Thank you for sending Tim :)


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