Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Time flies...

when I am on assignment. I am finished another, which was only for a week, and back in London today. Feels good to be back. Am always on such a high to be released from work!!

The week of work was pretty good. The client was fun and laid back. I don't think I have drunk so much red wine for quite some time! This client has a dog, and so he managed to include the sites of the area for our daily walk for the doggie, so I got to see the best of the area - visited Pevensey Castle, of William the Conqueror fame, and the amazing looking white cliffs at Beachy Head.

More househunting with Jenny today, once I got back into town. The rule is that you have to see a lot of shitty places before you find the one, right? Well, I think Jenny has seen our quota, so our place must be just around the corner! A couple with promise today.


  1. Sounds like your last assignment was pretty good being near the beach and getting to drink red wine! No mention of the footy though - Andrew and I went to watch St Kilda annihilate Hawthorn on the weekend at the MCG - my first trip to the MCG and I left a Barassi book there.

  2. Hey Megan!!

    Yeah, not talking footy given the state of it. Looks like the wheels have fallen off, after we had a glimmer of unrealistic hope!!

    God, I miss the 'G!

  3. Take the house near wandsworth bridge!!! You know you want to!

  4. Good luck with the house hunt.

  5. Hey Tashy!
    I just created a hotmail messenger thingy so I can chat to you! Has only taken me 4 of your trips OS to organise!! So I'll be at "work" waiting to see you turn green!!


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