Thursday, June 02, 2005

Busy long working weekend, and job offer

Have just come off a very busy working weekend with my client. Lots of gardening, if you can believe!! The things we do to make a living!!

More going out and partying for my client, and long alcohol free nights for me. Went to assist and watch the London School of Samba play a gig, of which my client is part of, at Guanabara. Very cool venue - would be great for a girl's night out! Will have to plan one soon!!

Before the weekend, I attended an interview for a "real" job. Karen had passed on my resume, and they had contacted me for an interview. As a lead up to the interview, they sent me a practice exercise for the psychometric test which would be part of the interview. Scary! Very scary!! First glance had me reeling - I mean, does anyone remember algabra anymore!!??

The first half of the interview went well, and despite initially not being overly convinced the job was for me, the interview sold me on the organisation! And must have been visa versa, too! Very young company, young team - working in Rehab all over the UK as a Case Manager. Very diverse clients, diverse situations, and few restrictions about what you can't do for them - which matters for me!!

The second half was the psychometric. Being trained and qualified to administer the standard IQ tests, I like the idea that because I know all the answers (!!), I can't actually pin my IQ down with the WAIS. This test was looking at your ability to analysis information, and then make decisions accordingly. Excellent for Case Management and Social Work.

I must have passed! They have offered me a position - if I can get myself registered over here.

So this is the thing - what am I? I call myself a Social Worker, but can't qualify as one in Australia or the UK because I don't have a Bachelor of Social Work. Not that wording...I have 'same same but different'!! I can work as one in Australia, because belonging to the Association is not usually a requirement. Plus, I am not really a psychologist, as I have not done my registration in Australia. Haven't started my probationary period. Have not found the job nor the stream of psych that I wanted to commit to. Hmmmm. What box do I fit into!?


  1. Congrats! (I think. A bit confused) What do you need to register? Yaaay...think we need to go out and drink to celebrate tomorrow night!

  2. I reckon if you squished yourself really small you might fit into a vaccuum cleaner box.

  3. I need to prove and measure up as a psychologist or a social worker, or some sort of health professional!! Oh dear!

    Just means lots of paperwork, and reference and course details chasing - but I think I can do it.


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