Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Wimbledon Championships

Day 1 of The Championships started with rain and thunder, as I joined the queue for a ticket inside the ground. I had joked that it wouldn't quite be the full experience without those dudes running across the courts with the covers in a hurry - but I was joking! Luckily after getting wet walking to the end of the line, that was the end of the rain for the day. (Jenny wasn't quite as lucky. Yep, I was late for the line. Having time issues at the moment!) This photo here was an hour of queueing down, an hour and a half to go!

Once inside, Jenny had gotten us great seats on Court 19, and I settled in for two solid games. First up was Aussie girl, Samantha Stosur. Lots of Aussie flags, colours, and accents around. Was so nice to hear people apologise to each other when clambering past someone else, as Aussies tend to do. So refreshing after 4 months of the Brits!! In the shadows of Court One, Stosur was beaten by her Czech opponent, in two sets.

Next up was one of our all time favourite Swedes, Thomas Enquist. Mmmmmm, Thomas! Love a hot Swede! And Thomas always looks good. With Jenny's Swedish language skills, I am certain she managed to have Thomas wonder who the Swede was calling out to him in his native tongue - without a blonde in sight! Our cheering didn't help, though, as he battled out 4 sets to a too good Korean. How many long, tough Thomas games have we sat though over the years, girls!!??

Was so exciting being at Wimbledon. After years of staying up late back home for the two weeks to see the Championships, to actually be there was so cool.

I joined Jenny again for a bit of James Blake, after a wonder around past Henman Hill and the practice courts for a bit of player spotting. (More photos.) Thinking he was set (what happened there!!??), I walked over to Court 2 to try my luck with the crowd, and see if I could see the match in progress over there.

Being a seasoned tennis go-er, and having a proper tennis education (thanks, Mum!), I knew that despite the crowd, I just had to be patient to get in and see the Pou. The ultimate example of the Aussie Tall Poppy Syndrome, we love this lad when he is on song. And the crowd were loving him today as he hit his shots, had a dip, and won. But it's been such a long time since we have seen him in this sort of form.

I wasn't actually going to bother see him at all. I am the first to admit that I am one of those who bag him endlessly when he's shit. And he is shit all together too often. So much talent wasted on lack of mental toughness and focus. He could be so good. Of course, I'll support the Aussies, especially this far from home. Even from the nose-bleeder section! And he came home with the goods. Could he be a threat this year? Only if he keeps his mind on it.

A bit of rain, some sun and some sunburn, and lots of tennis. At the Mecca of tennis! Awesome.


  1. There was not nearly enough emphasis in your summing up of Wimbledon with regard to the hotness that is James Blake. HOT HOT HOT.

  2. Ahhh, Jen. Give me a Carlos Moya over Blake anyday!! Hee hee.
    Or a Swede!

  3. I was there too! Okay, well maybe only at the end and we didn't actually watch any tennis together so perhaps it doesn't count. Sorry for losing you at the Tube station - obviously you found your way home safely, which is good.

    How about Tim Henman losing AGAIN! The Brits go ape over that boy but it doesn't seem that he can actually play tennis. In fact, I don't think they've had a male Wimbledon finalist since 1938. How funny.

  4. The Poo's a good bloke... Cut him some slack and he'll come out good.

  5. The Pou's a dud. Anyone who wastes that much potential because he can't be bothered working through the mental toughness is a joke. He needs a real coach, and someone to give him a good shake!!
    He could be awesome. But he's running out of time for that.


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