Monday, June 20, 2005

Glorious Summer Weekend

Summer is here, at least for the past 2 days it has been! It's been up around 30C and gorgeous, all weekend. Even though it was rainy and cold on Thursday! Go figure. A place worse for weather than Melbourne, and even Ballarat!!??

Yesterday I went across to the Wimbledon Village Fair, with Renee. Met up with some mates of hers, and before we knew it we were sunburnt, chatting, and had had a few too many Pimm's! Perfect. Bit of tennis player spotting - I swear I saw at least 2 - but really it was a bit of a family day in the sun.

Running late and sunburnt (usual story), I went into the city last night to meet Ash and Nat, and Justin, Ruyg, for dinner and a few drinks. Had to introduce Nat to Pimm's! Was good to see people from back home, although felt funny that Ruyg and Reid siblings were meeting up on the other side of the world without Melissa and Clinton. (A bit conspirital really - I mean, when will the next time the four of us will be together and drinking!! Hint, hint, nudge, nudge!!)

Today after a decent lie in, Nat and Kimberley and I have lazed the rest of the day away in Battersea Park. What a great weekend.

Oh! I have a date with a boy on Tuesday. Can you believe it!? Almost unheard of! How exciting! I'll have to try not to be my usual scary self!

Life's good.


  1. A date with a boy! More details are needed asap, as in who, where did you meet etc etc....Obviously we need to have a little msn chat!!

    Have fun, I hope you are delightful, witty and gorgeous!

  2. A date?? you kept that quiet!! Who is he? does he have a name?? If a hollywood actor was to paly him. who would play him??!!!


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