Friday, June 17, 2005

We got a house!

Jenny and I have just been off signing our life, and last remaining cash for awhile, away on a rental property! We got one!! How exciting!! The place we have got is in West Hampstead area,

just off a High Street (that's where all the shops are here in the UK). It's on the brown, Bakerloo tube line, and Kilburn Park will be the tube station we will most likely become very, very familiar with! Our house is a short walk from the station.

Very excited. We had actually labelled this house the Secret Life Of Us house when we were looking around, because of the rooftop terrace description in the ad. And it's not a bad terrace in real life, either! Can see lots of gatherings happening up there! So lovely. So excited!! I think we'll be calling it the "Secret Life of London" house from now on...SLOL.

We will be all set to move in just after I finish my next work assignment, at the end of the month. Things are slotting in a little too nicely at the moment! Very scary.

A permenant address means so much. I can finally get a real bank account, have all my luggage reunited, and I will actually know what I have here, at last! I will no longer be holding my breath hoping for a homelessness solution at the end of each work assignment, and neither Nat or Charles will not have to give up their floor space for me and my stuff anymore!!

Our new digs are actually just a stone's throw (ok, maybe a 10-15 minute walk) from THE Abbey Road!!! ("That's the Beatles, right?", says Jenny. Oh dear.) So after handing over the pounds to hold the house (ouch!), we walked in the drizzle to see the infamous road, studio building, and THE crossing.

The Abbey Road Studios building is quite a gorgeous looking building, in a residential kind of way. Without knowing a bit about it's fame, I would never have guessed it was a recording studio. Reading the history of the studios, and the amazing aray of names that have worked in these rooms, is really quite mind blowing. Apart from the Beatles, Queen, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, The Spice Girls have all recorded albums here, among many others, and a whole host of movie scores have been made right here.

After a few walks across the crossing in the rain, holding up traffic, here is a pic of me crossing in the rain. Will be nice to come down here on one of the rare days the sun is out here, and get another shot... (Another photo.)

We had a quick look in the Abbey Road Cafe, too, before jumping back on the tube back to our respective dossing abodes.
Will have to sit still and not spend any money now for a little bit. Is that possible!!?? Haven't got two pence to rub together today, now! But we have a really cool place to live!!


  1. Yaaay! Congrats!! I can't wait to visit the SLOL house! There will be plenty of SLOU this weekend(depending of arrival of dvds) in Battersea just so I can be as cool as you! Yaaay, I've got a place to stay up North now :)

  2. When's the housewarming party?!


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