Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Banana chairs out on the concrete...

Had a little bit to drink.... I hope some of you get my reference! Although we don't have banana chairs, and it turns out the terrace is not concrete, as we were melting into it in the London heat!!

Yesterday we enjoyed our rooftop terrace and our BBQ, and the sunshine, for a session. We have been in our place for 2 weekends, and this has been a pattern so far! Got to enjoy summer on the few days it's here!!

Pimm's and sunscreen, snags and potato salad, competing music preferences, and a gathering of friends. Perfect summer Sunday! (More photos.)

After the events of last week, I didn't get to talk about my work week. My client last week is a artistic director of a dance company, having sustained her injury whilst being a professional dancer herself. The dance company intergrates dancers with a range of disabilities, with their non-disabled contemporaries - really quite remarkable, and inspiring. Dancers with physical disabilities, and in wheelchairs, dancers with learning disabilities (ID to us Aussies), hearing and visual impairment - gaining the skills and opportunities that dance has to offer. The week of work saw me tag along and watch in admiration, a rehearsal of a piece a group of dancers are preparing for tour. The next day I was at a graduation ceremony for a group of first years to the company, who had the chance to work with first years from a "mainsteam" London dance company, and performed a piece for us. They were brilliant. Then the final day of work was spent in a photo studio where the dance group got professional shots taken for upcoming promotion. All very glamorous, and lots of "darlings!". I will certainly be on the look out for shows from this group - they are truely amazing.


  1. *G* you knew I'd get the reference! My favouritest of all their songs. Do you know I grew up in the suburb next to Tempe?

    "Look at the sky and spot the planes, where would I go on holidays?" To London of couse!

    New place looks cool (saw photos on Nat's site). If it's Secret Life of London does that mean you all have to sleep with each other?

  2. There was no sleeping with each other but we were half expecting to hear Evan say something!

  3. Funny you should mention the planes actually! Since last Thursday'e events, it seems that they have shanged the flight paths of some of the jumbos, at different intervals during the day. Before I had marveled, that unlike the rest of London, we weren't situated under a flight path!

    So we weren't just spotting the planes, we were yelling at them to fly back where they used to fly!!! Hopefully they will!

    No Evan diatribe yet - would be cool to hear him echo through the sunroom/lounge!

    And the cast on SLOU mostly slept with people from the other flats in their block - hmmmm. So far we have met one of the girls in the unit below...I wonder who else is living down there!! Hee, hee.

  4. There were boys in the very bottom flat as I walked in. Intellectual ones too. One was reading a book. hehe.


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