Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Jessica and Heath's Wedding: Ceremony

At the beginning of this month my sister Jessica got married! She and Heath had such an incredibly gorgeous day, with every detail so very them! The beautiful ceremony was held in the atrium of the Mercat Cross Hotel.

The girls stayed in a hotel just down the road in Williams Street, and so once hair and make up for all had been done, and glasses of champagne consumed along the morning's preparations, it was take to make our way together to the ceremony.

We took the tram! The looks from people on this quiet work day in the city as bride, 2 sparkly bridesmaides, and Mum and myself and Melissa made our way to the tram stop were pretty funny!

Once at the stop at the Queen Victoria Market, we all walked through the laneway through it, in blazing sunshine.

After final moments of readying at the bottom of the stairs, each of us took our positions - each of her sisters, Mum and Kelly were positioned along Jessie's walk to the front and to where Heath stood.

As Jessie made her way up the stairs, through the gathering of loved ones, she collected a section of her gorgeous bouquet from each of us - as Viv sang Mango Tree by Angus And Julia Stone. It was magical!

Once at the top, with her completed bouquet tied up by Mum, the ceremony commenced. Dianna conducted the ceremony, making it even more special and personalised.

Vows, tears and laughs, sunshine and music. Angus And Julia Stone's The Wedding Song, and Bella, played as they signed the registry. And then they were married!

The gathering mingled, chatted, drank and met each other. They came and congratulated the new married couple, and I got to catch up with family. The Bridal Party and families went across the road to get some more formal photos taken, while the party began in this beautiful space.

Once back from my portion of photos, I got to mix with the crew and catch up with people I haven't seen for ages. Daggs and I took over some champagne and water to the wedding party as they had more photos taken, which looked like they were having such a great time!

Before long, the word was passed along that it was time to make our way around the corner to the reception venue. Such a lovely start to this most beautiful day.


  1. aw beautiful! I love me a wedding. Looks like it was a good one too.


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