Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Jessica and Heath's Wedding: Reception

After the ceremony, and drinks and photos, the gathering for Jessica and Heath wedding made their way around the corner to the Queen Victoria Market Deli Hall.

Greeting guests were the amazing catering staff for the night, and a spread of cheese and antipasto that was sensational! More mingling, great food, and champagne.

This most beautiful venue was so unique - only one other wedding has been held here, with the light from the skylights as the sun was fading, and then the lit up stores along each of the two main corridors of the Hall. Just stunning!

Heath and Jessie entered the Hall and joined the party. Their speeches began the night.

The seating in the next section of the Hall was stunning - each place was set around the veggie centrepieces all the way along the tables, from the produce sellers, of course.

Starters were served, and before I knew it it was time for me to make the family speech on behalf of myself, sisters, Mum and Dad. Max followed me, for Heath's family.

Then mains were served - the food was so very good!

Next was the traditional cutting of the cake, which was served as dessert, and then the bride and groom hit the dancefloor!

A totally romantic dance ensued, with the two of them having so much fun, and delighting the adoring audience. And then the rest of the party was invite to join, and the playlist kept people there. There was a moment when all the girls from Jess' Hen's took over the space in the Hall for dance, with the vaguely remembered moves for The Look.

It was such  an incredible day and night, for such a lovely couple. A day so very them, with all the details. Everything ran perfectly, and it was such a happy occasion. So lovely!

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