Sunday, November 16, 2014

Top 5: Places In The World I Would Runaway To

Many times when I am wandering the streets of a new city in a new country, it occurs to me that no one there knows who I am, and really, no one else knows where I am. I mean, family and friends have a rough idea when I head off somewhere of what country/city I will be in, but when I am on the move a bit when travelling and exploring, that plan may be pretty vague. The idea of being far from home, away from everything appeals, a lot of the time.

In that vein, there have been a few places on my travels where things have just felt right, and away and good, that the idea of running away to said place and staying there, has popped into my head. Living, maybe escaping from everything. I guess posting this won't make it a secret anymore - so if I do vanish from the world, these may be the places I have gone to!

It must be the country girl in me, who needs periodic escapes from the city to return to a more rural, slower paced setting.

So, here is my list:

1 Banff, Canada. Little town feel, in the middle of the mountains, with spectacular views, even from the little, quaint main streets. Far from the world, without being cut off. The food was amazing, and there were some pretty amazing sights to be seen not far away - and I would imagine tons more to discover.

2 Wilderness, South Africa. A little piece of natural forest next to the ocean, and along the Garden Route road. The people were friendly, the guesthouse I found I would return to for a longer term stay in a heartbeat, and the food was amazing (like everywhere in South Africa, really). Tucked away, peaceful and beautiful.

3 Green Island, Queensland, Australia. The place that really stood out for me on a trip to Far North Queensland - a little island where you can day trip, or stay.
Another forest meets the ocean place, so it's the best of both worlds. It was possible to take an early morning walk around the island, and oftentimes it felt like we were the only people there. The water was calm, so scaredy-swimmers like me could enjoy, and managed to snorkel there to see the amazing underwater world.

4 Fafa Island, Tonga. Lying in a hammock next to your private entry to the island beach, personalised staff service, minimal contact with the outside world, on an island in the Pacific - need I say more? Simple, clean living - the perfect place to recharge. It has day trips off the island to snorkel, and to see the main island of Tongatapu and the sights there, which could give me my fill out outside world a little bit.

5 Luang Prabang (but from what I have read of late from travellers, this entry is from the memory of the little Laotion town from 12ish years ago), Laos. I loved it there when I made it across from Cambodia for a few days - it's was a sleepy local town, with authentic streets of local stores and cafes, surrounded by mountains. The night market was lovely, the small bars at night had a great feel to them, and everything was easy.
Maybe it's not like that anymore, which would be such a shame. It's a place around the world that still lives in my memory as one of my favourite towns.

Where would you go? Where should I escape to next?

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