Tuesday, November 04, 2014

The Look! Jess' Bitching Hen's Party

Celebrating my sister's upcoming nuptials with fluro dance gear, Roxette's The Look and the energy, crazy moves and feminist empowerment of the Real Hot Bitches 80s Dance Troupe could not have been more perfect!

I had actually just arrived back into the country off a flight the morning of, and after a fast power nap, arrived at Jessie's to see what my outfit contained, and join the party. The girls were well into the final stages of getting ready, champagne flowing.

We taxied over to a dance studio in Brunswick, and managed another quick drink across the road at a pub, given we had a click of time before it was our turn with the Bitches! Many of the other girls joined, dressed to the max in their best 80s dance gear, which was hilarious with every arrival.

Once into the studio, the Real Hot Bitches introduced themselves, their moves, and then proceeded to show us the moves they had put together for us our and our session - to an iconically Jessie song, The Look.

The three Bitches then taught us the moves, in totally manageable chunks, and with maximum encouragement for self expression, moves to channel that 80s love of cheesiness, and silliness. They were hilarious, and such fun!

Many of the girls managed this whole session, which was a couple of hours of dance, without a prior drink, which was even more impressive. We danced, learned each new sequence, then put it together again. The moves lined up with the song perfectly. So funny.

The final piece of the session was to perform the whole song for half of the group, allowing us all to see the final product too.

Spilling out into the street on an incredible high, and laughing all the way, we then headed to Brunswick Street for drinks, a Greek feast, and dancing. A seriously fun night!


  1. I want to get married again so I can have that hens party. Looks like heaps of fun.

    1. Ha, that would be a lot of effort to go to! It was a blast, though!


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