Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Nugu Beach Resort Getaway

We'll take a banana boat, they said. It'll be lovely and calm early in the morning, they said. I think they even told me it would be about a 40 minute trip at that hour in the morning when we planned to leave. I blindly went along with it, trusting two of my favourite people in the world who I was visiting in the Solomon Islands, and whom had been to this little island getaway they were taking me to, many times before.

The little boat was loaded with the five of us going away for the weekend, plus a puppy who was coming along too, around 8am, plus our supplies for snacking and drinking, and we were good to go. We could see islands on the horizon, and the water looked calm.....

It didn't take long for the Iron Bottom Sound off Guadalcanal to get to be open-ocean like, and choppy. The wind picked up, which bounced waves directly into the boat, and it wasn't long before I was soaked, and hanging on for dear life!

Willing it to end, realising that we were well past 40 minutes travel in these conditions, and completely unsure where we were actually headed, I started to will on my fear of drowning. At least the spray whipping on my face would end then! Ha!

End it did, finally, and we reached Nugu Beach Resort, which is on Buena Vista Island, part of the Florida Island group. A beach in an inlet, with stunning blue water, a private beach, no people around. Perfect getaway from the world!

The accommodation was basic, with 4 huts available to rent. Having the place to ourselves, I had one to myself. Mosquito nets and fans (available until the power generator stops each night), shared bathroom. Simple, real, and all you really need.

We relaxed. We swam. We drank. We ate. We went snorkelling, and I even spotted Nemo and his parents swimming around, just off to the right of our beach edge set up. So easy. And so pretty - coral and fish life.

The staff were another highlight of the Resort. Around when you needed them, but otherwise we were left to ourselves. Each evening, as was our group's request, we were served a three course meal - soaps, amazing curries, and then fruits for dessert. Dining on the deck of the Resort, and all talking and drinking into the night. This was a really lovely getaway.

The couple of nights away were so tranquil and relaxing, I had all but forgotten about the horror of the trip over, to the point that I willingly got in the boat again to get back to Honiara when the time came. We even saw a whale out in the water, as well as an amazing sunrise, that morning.

I have recently heard my friends recount this experience of taking me in the banana boat, and how rough it was, and how hit with the ocean I was in the seat in the boat - it's a just a funny travel memory and story now...but make sure that ride is ok for you when you go across. I made it through ok, with not too much trauma, and had a gorgeous weekend away.

jouljet Notes:
Serious Tip: Check the weather, and just prepare yourself for the trip in the open sea - but it's an adventure, and worth it for the time on such a remote beach!
Time Spent: 2 nights, with an early morning both at either end of our weekend.
Cost: Eeek, I actually don't know! It was all organised by my friends - you can check out contact details through this page here.
Quirky Tip: Make sure you go for a wander along the ocean edge, all the way into the village. The kids showed me around, and I got a glimpse into village life - a post coming up on the blog.

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