Thursday, November 06, 2014

Visions Of Nauru - The Scrap Pile

These are photos hastily taken on the road leading out of my place of work in Nauru. It's the scrap metal disposal point of the island, apparently, just outside of the actual rubbish tip on the road to the Centre, and changes every time we pass it to go in and out.

These twisted and mangled cars, and random household appliances are surreal to see - a strange and unintentional art installation of the nation.

New pieces get dumped there all the tip - and deteriorate in condition over weeks and months. The bus below started out banged up and broken, albeit one I have never seen in circulation, but is now unrecognisable. 

Each visit to the island for me often starts with a look at this display, giving new gems of metal mess and an update of the state of some of the prime pieces of the metal yard strip!

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