Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Tassie Big Things

Setting off on a roadtrip from Launceston to Hobart after a football game this Winter, Laura and I happened the have checked out the list of Aussie Big Things that are in the Apple Isle, and started making some detour suggestions as we set off. Not big detours, but a slight diversion that would have us collect THREE! Our co-roadtrippers thought we were mad, but they went along with it nonetheless. And loved the end result, I might add!

The diversion meant coming off the main highway, and joining the road that had us also go past the Great Lake. Which was very pretty.
But first on the Aussie Big Things trial were the Big Wickets! In Westbury, they are standing in the public park, next to the football/cricket oval, and stand tall to mark the achievement of the local Australian test player. We were pretty excited to have found these!
Next up, and just further down the road, was a refashioned silo, painted with a handle and spout addition to be the Big Coffee Pot. This was on a farm on the side of the road in Deloraine.

A little further up the road is Mole Creek, and given that we were on a roll, we were hardly going to stop now, so close to another. The Big Tassie Devil! He is sitting out the front of a Wildlife Sanctuary, and looks pretty menacing!
Three Big Things in one day, plus the gorgeous Great Lakes area - definitely worth the detour on our drive down the island state!

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