Sunday, November 09, 2014

Top 5: Play Count

For many years now, during NaBloPoBo, I have been recording my Top 5 artists based on the top tracks played on my iTunes on my laptop. A little obsessive about this Top 25 playlist that iTunes accumulates as you play and synch, I think this list is telling of someone's music taste.

This year's annual post sees that Gotye's Making Mirrors has really made an impact, after it's release over 3 years ago now. Again, this list of my top 10 most frequently played sees 5 artists form this list.

My top song is Easy Way Out, followed by Save Me, my two favourites from that Gotye album. The very famous Somebody That I Used To Know is the fifth track on the list, with Giving Me A Chance - one I have grown into more and more with each listen - and the track I have loved for years, Learnalilgivinanlovin, equal at 6th and 7th.

Seeker Lover Keeper's Even Though I'm A Woman seems to play for me when I am traveling somewhere, lapping up my usual solo mode. It has been a favourite track since it's release, and when it plays on Shuffle of late, it is always at just the right time. It still ranks high, at number 3.

A song that brings me undone with every listen, particularly live, is Old Fitzroy, which sits on this list at number 4. Dan Sultan has been a regular voice in my ears this year.

The National and Sorrow is number 9.

Another artist that has occupied the sound waves for me this year has been Paul Dempsey, with Have You Fallen Out Of Love? coming in at 10, and being my 5th artist this year on this list. Love.

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