Saturday, March 05, 2005

Mind Numb

This routine deal is driving me bananas! Same thing everyday (except every second for poo), in the same order. Plus I am only really in touch with one other person, of whom I am doing everything for - so my head it a little spinny! You'll have to excuse my ramblings tonight.

Usually it would be TGIF, but it will be Monday for me this week, cos I am out of assignment then. Not counting down per se, but need a change.

Just have to remember that all this maximum work for minimum pay is so that I can play...

One thing that I am loving is people who are late! I am forever in trouble for being late - but I can't understand what all the fuss is about. If another carer here is late - sweet!! I have an extra 10 minutes or whatever to sit still, or read, or just not do anything! I don't know why people get so wound up about tardiness.

It's funny what can get you through things, though, isn't it! Ironing, which I loathe and never do for myself, is almost bearable with Ben Harper in my ear singing Sexual Healing!! God damn!

Tested out the English roads today, just briefly. My client has a ginormous van though, which fits her chair in the back, so I felt like I had driven a truck into a lego-sized street! The car was huge - and the roads here are tiny! Of course, it's not going to be the driving that's the problem, but just the different intersections and those mad 5 round-a-bout thingys that could cause the trouble. Running up the street was pretty easy. Phew!

It's been snowing quite a bit here in the mornings. About 9am I look out the windows and bit white flakes are falling from the sky. And a lot of the time it results in a blanket of white over everything. Still exciting!

I see the poor Corby girl is doomed - Downer is paying her a visit. Is there anything he has not stuffed up? Feel sorry for her cos it sounds like such a set up, which could happen to any of us as we travel by ourselves. And the bloody over-the-top security at the airport has done nothing for her - can't even tell what the weight of her check bag was to start with. Good one. And good ol' Alex is going to her "rescue" - seriously, if I am EVER in serious trouble anywhere, make sure they don't send Downer. My one wish.

Happy Birthdays to Jane for yesterday and Andrea for tomorrow.


  1. awwwww... talking to me on msn doesn't save your sanity a little bit?

  2. Oh! MSN is my savior! Being online for a little each night is definately keeping me sane!

  3. The poo thing sounds off, but you was never a parent, was you?

    Bielieve it or not, this whole thing sounds incredibly exotic. Not in the sense of waving palm fronds, but it just seems so totally alien in every way.

    On the far side of the world, isolated from everybody except someone who's really just a head. It's like something out of science fiction.

    You should write this all down and publish it as a series of adventures.

  4. Hey thanks for the birthday wish, had a great day spent the night at the pheonix brewary it was a good night, remember the guy from there? he was working, I sent you a text to get you jealous but I don't think it worked -andrea

  5. oh! Simon!! Hope you said Hi from me Andrea!

    And I did get you text - but I am out of credit. Out of credit everywhere I think - and the bank site is saving me from a panic attack by not allowing me to log in. Bless it!

    Hoping for the money fairy to come pay me a visit (this is not a hint Mum, I'll survive!! For now....) *grin*

    Now, isn't it scary that a cute boy sighting in Ballarat warrants a text to the other side of the world - it's such a rare occurrance!

  6. That Chappelle Corby case is making me so upset and angry!!! I can't believe how crappy Aussie's are being!!! MMMMmmm... anyway! Ben hey?? Nice choice!


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