Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Best Dressed Man in Barbados

A dapper Bajan gentleman caught my eye in the stands at Kensington Oval on Day 2 of the First Test between the West Indies and Australia. Dressed in a full lemon suit, with matching shoes and bowler hat, complete with suspenders, and a tie and vest of the same patterned threads. What a delightful and impressive sight!

Sitting among the crowd in the Worrell, Weekes and Walcott Stand (The 3 Ws), I didn't actually see him on the first day, and I wonder what colour he was wearing then! But once I had spotted him in the morning of the second day of the cricket, I could barely stop myself catching a glimpse of such a magnificent sight!

Towards the end of the day, after many, many rums, I did chat to him briefly to express my appreciation. Of course, being a man of the Caribbean, he fired back a quick-fire flirty response. So cheeky!

Sitting in blue shirt, tie and suspenders on Day 3, I didn't catch whether he had a matching vest for this outfit, but the cuffs matched his tie, to complete the display.

Sitting on his own for some of the day, he also talked over the fence to team officials in the break, and sat with a lady friend during another session. Like us, he chased the breeze in the stand in the middle of the day, alternating to the alternate side of the sight screen between Lunch and Tea.

This man's wardrobe must be incredible! Day 4 was chocolate brown, with a beautiful bowler's hat. A gorgeous patterned tie, with the full suit and jacket in brown, with suspenders, this is a man who stands on attention to detail!

He certainly makes me wonder whether he just has these sets of outfits for the 5 days of the cricket, or if indeed this is just his dressing style, and he has a range of these colour coordinated ensembles. The character of the Caribbean, you just never know who and what you may come across!


  1. Are you trying to cut my lunch?

    1. I told you that should have come along on this trip!!

  2. I love a man who can dress well.

  3. Oh how I can always appreciate a well dressed man...


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