Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Titou Gorge, Trafalgar Falls, and Screw

Sunday was a day trip into central Dominica, and was such a brilliant day! We experienced the amazing Titou Gorge, swimming deep into the gorge to find a waterfall with a killer current. We then checked out Trafalgar Falls, before a perfect lunch stop. The day ended with a swim in the sulfur spa pools, which was glorious!

Driving into the volcanic mountains of inner Dominica, our little busload took in the forest and the mountains all around us in every direction.

Our first stop had us walked down to the water of Titou Gorge, and taking a dip in the chilly water. Equipped with a flouting device around each of us, we ventured into the gorge in the rocks, paddling through the narrow gap in the volcanic rock, through pristine water. Above, you could see the sun and sky, and the trees aloft right at the top, but as we swam deeper into this gorge, we could hear the waterfall at the end. This was such a spectacular experience, and place to find ourselves!

The gorge had pockets of space to take a break, and hang in while working up the strength to give the waterfall another look, and swim up to. These areas were actually used in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies (2 and 3, I am told). (photo source)

Swimming in the pool before the gorge was pretty magical, right there in the middle of Dominica, but working ones way into those rocks, that sliver of water, cool and crisp, with the sun above - one of the most amazing things to do, and a highlight of this trip.

Back onto the bus, we drove a little longer and checked out Trafalgar Falls. Here, from the vantage point in among the trees, you could see both the Papa and Mama Falls making this waterfall landmark, cascading down from above.

Being within the forest, and the tropical plants and flowers all around, highlighted the Nature Island tag for this little Caribbean nation.

Not far from the Falls was our lunch stop, with a 3 course meal including callaloo soup, fish for me, and then coffee and cake to finish. All washed down with a rum punch with a kick!

The restaurant allowed for more views of the mountainous and forested surrounds, a perfect place for our long table of Flaggers.

Our day continued after lunch, to drive just 7kms away from Roseau, and to the sulfur spa pools called Screw.

These hot water springs have been sectioned off into pools, ranging from the hottest at the top, graduating down in temperature as you made your way through to the next pool. This, again, was so amazing, swimming and chilling in these baths of murky water out in the open, experiencing the strange sensation of hot, warm and tepid water pools.

We spend ages here, enjoying every moment. A completely brilliant day here in Dominica!


  1. Titou gorge looks stunning!

  2. HHHMMMmmm... not sure what part of your day I liked best!!! It all sounds FAAAABULOUS!!

    Thanx for linking up - hope it brings you some new readers!!!

  3. Your tour sounded amazing. Can I ask if this tour would be too hard for someone who has bad knees? My mom can walk short distances and up or down a few stairs with help, do you think this would be ok for her? Appreciate any pointers you could give.. email is
    Thank you in advance :)

    1. Thanks for the visit and comment.
      Tracey, we did need to walk down to Titou Gorge which was a short walk. I think your Mum could get there, slowly and with some support.
      Getting to Trafalgar would be easier, as it has boardwalks from the carpark.
      Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


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