Monday, April 30, 2012

Tropical Dominica

Dominica's tag is the Nature Island, and it is instantly apparent why. This little volcanic isle in the Caribbean is covered with lush forest, full of greenery and an abundance of fruit trees, and the occasional splash of tropical colour.

We have managed to cross the island a couple of times now, in our 9 days here, and from the window of each mini-bus, these vast mountainous views are spectacular. Cloud brushing the tops of several peeks most days, and then ocean views at every other turn.

Walking within the central forest area, when we visited the Falls, the tropics included ferns and tributaries, and crisp, fresh air!

Last night was our last night here, as the last of the group pack and prepare to head to the airport this afternoon, marking the end of the cricket tour.

Will be pretty sad to leave, as we have all fallen in love with this little island nation, it's amazingly friendly people, and gorgeous picturesque vistas. The group has had such a great week here, and this test match visit will be long talked about as a favourite of the small group of us who made it to this final game.

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