Thursday, April 19, 2012

Queens Park Savannah

One of the thinks I had heard most talked about in relation to visiting Port of Spain and going to the cricket, was the morning's walk across the park to get to the game, and so I was very keen to have this experience when in Trinidad for the cricket. Day 3 was the first time we actually got to do this, allowing ourselves the time to just wander through it, and take this space in.

Queens Park Savannah is a 1.1km2 piece of flat land situated in the middle of our walk from the Normandie Hotel and Queens Park Oval for the cricket, and being out in the middle of it, you are surrounded by the mountains at one vista, the city skyline at another view, the outline of the Magnificent Seven in front of us (more on these in the next post...), and peacefulness, despite the crazy traffic always hurtling around the whole park in one direction. It's the world's largest traffic round-a-bout! It's a vast space with just a handful of trees interspersed with sporting spaces.

On this particular day, the Savannah was fairly deserted, apart from a couple of guys rolling out a pitch for cricket. There are also soccer and rugby pitches set up at different places, and was full of activity on the weekend.

As we neared the edge, and back to the roads before the Oval, a school group had crossed the road, and begun setting up a group activity, peeling off into their team colours.

We are continually warned not to cross the Savannah at night, but after doing the walk through during the daylight, and navigating through deep ditches, concrete strips and long grass, I am beginning to think that this is more for fear of breaking your neck in the process, rather than any issue with the reported crime of Trinidad.

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