Friday, April 20, 2012

The Magnificent Seven

One of the most glorious sights thus far in Port of Spain, Trinidad, is that of the Magnificent Seven, along the edge of the Queens Park Savannah.

Coming up on the final portion of our walk to Queens Park Oval, these seven Victorian buildings, each built with very different styles, are along Maraval Road.

Several of them are currently undergoing significant restoration, or transformation into new uses, but several of them are also in esteemed use today - one being the office of the Prime Minister, and another a private residence and two others the residences of the Anglican bishop and the Roman Catholic archbishop.

The final one, closest to the city and the cricket ground, is Queens Royal College, and is the most grand. Lit up at night, this is a prestigious secondary school.


  1. Wow incredible to have got all 7 of these famous architectural wonders. Did you also eat out in Trinidad and Tobago? The food is delicious!

    1. Oh yeah, although in fairness the market and street stalls had some really great food that I remember the most!

      Those buildings are such a treat!


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