Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Today, before we got to the cricket, we took in a little of Bridgetown. Melissa, Little Banksy and I gave ourselves a lie in after staying up to watch the footy from home during the wee hours of the night, and decided to nurse our sadness at the loss by taking it easy.

We grabbed a local bongo bus out on the main road, and jumped off at Accra beach to take in the crystal blue water and to get sand between our toes. Loads of people were out on banana lounges or taking a dip, as we wandered past, and walked the boardwalk to the next beach. Gorgeous.

Back on the main road, we flagged down another bongo and reached the capital of Barbados. Walking from the open-air bus station, along the canal, we reached the National Heroes Square.

From here we could see the Chamberlain Bridge, and the Swing Bridge, with the symbols of Barbados on it. At the other end of the Square is the gothic coral-limestone Parliament Building.

The city was pretty quite, being a public holiday, and we provided a rare fare to an idle taxi driver, who took us out to Kensington Oval and the cricket match.

Last time I was here
I had only caught glimpses of Bridgetown from the bus window as we travelled to and from the cricket, which is such an easy trap to fall into.

Taking in the sights, and just wandering around the local streets, feels so much more authentic, and was one of my aims for this return visit.

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