Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Third Test at Windsor Park

Only the second test match ever to be played at Windsor Park in Roseau, it was clear that the locals were very, very happy and excited to have the Australians in town to play cricket this week. Never have I been to a ground where the atmosphere and feeling among the people in town, and in and around the groups has been so ecstatic.

Walking to the ground from our hotel, the Fort Young on the waterfront, Springer and I were greeted with smiles and calls of hello from the locals all through the town, the place abuzz about the match. Taking our seats in the stand with the Waving The Flag group for the first ball, the cheering from the locals barely stopped all day. Such a shame that the schedule had it so that this match is being played Monday to Friday, perhaps preventing more locals from coming to the ground.

With the Aussies batting, the locals got to cheer even louder as their homeboy Shillingford did some damage with the ball, finishing the day with 4 wickets.

Another picturesque ground, Windsor Park is closest to the mountains from town, and thus as you sit in the stand you have a full view of the clouds tempting to spill over and down, but never quite managing it. Just gorgeous!

At the end of play for the day, Fi and Dave and I popped down to the little food and bar village within the grounds, for drinks and banter with the locals. Meggsie joined us, and as we laundered with the crowd about how great a day, and place for test match cricket, it was, we started making our way down the street into town.

Going from bar to bar, then down to the local party on the waterfront, and then back to the little bars around town, we had such a fun and crazy night! We love Roseau and Dominica!

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