Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rum Shack Stop Between Melville and Roseau

Saturday was our travel day, coming from Trinidad to Dominica. A very early transfer, and a very early flight, I bounced through St Lucia, before landing at Melville Airport in Dominica.

Now, Dominica was not part of the original schedule for this tour, but substituted in near the last minute, with trouble in Guyana. So this seems to be a bit of a bonus travel treat for us on this tour.

With the mini-buses full of Flaggers and luggage, a rum/breakfast stop was suggested to our driver, and he found a spot called Isle View Bar.

Here, a wall of homemade rums was found, ranging from Star Fruit to Guava, Carrot to Garlic, Spinach to Gooseberry, to Grandma's Kitchen special. These were pretty potent on empty stomachs!

Sitting on wooden benches over looking the forest and the sea, this was a gorgeous rest break, before pushing on through the middle of the island to Roseau.

What a view!

Our roadtrip to the hotel consisted of winding roads, with thick lush forest and ocean views, with sheer drops at many turns!

A gorgeous introduction to the Nature Island of the Caribbean, and what has started out as an amazing last stop of this tour. One of the surprise country visits that amazes you, and you totally didn't expect it to be so wonderful!

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