Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Little Local Rum Shack

At the end of play yesterday, the Flaggy group walked down the road from Kensington Oval to the Cricket Legends of Barbados Museum. Finding the bar out the back out of mixers for rum, Little Banksy wandered further down the road, and found us a drinking alternative.

A little local rum shack, simple in wares and set up, had all that we needed, and we took up the table at the side. A bottle of Old Brigand dark rum, some ice and a couple of mixers and we were set.

Sitting in the shadow of the cricket ground, our little group waited as the rest of the larger Flag group took in the museum, before the bus took us all back to The Gap.

The sun set, giving us a gorgeous sky, as locals passed on the way home from the ground and said hi to the bunch of Aussies enjoyed our local experience.

The freedom of rum here is such a contrast to home. Provided it is in plastic and not a glass bottle, you can openly bring rum into the ground, or buy it in copious amounts from the bar. You can purchase a massive bottle, or a selection of other spirits, the sight of which would surely make any Australian ground official faint!

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