Saturday, April 07, 2012

Long (Good) Friday

“Have you been to Barbados before?” the gorgeous Bajan Customs guy asks. “Yes” I manage to say while trying not to fall asleep standing up. “Welcome back” he drawls with a smile as he stamps my passport. My heart flutters!

I have collected two stamps in my passport today, given myself two DVT-preventing clexane injections, and taken three flights, lasting a mammoth 26 hours of transit. Mum drove me to the airport as the sun was coming up in Ballarat on the morning of Good Friday, and saw me off for my first flight from Melbourne to LA. I then transited to Miami, which was another good five hour flight, and one more down to the Caribbean island, and the location of the first cricket test.

Most of my flight was a massive movie marathon, until the disappointment of no personal entertainment screens on the American Airlines domestic flight. First I watched the last half of the season of Californication that was on offer – that show is such a guilty pleasure! Then I watched One For The Money, of the Stephanie Plum crime treat fiction. I really enjoyed this depiction of a book series I have really liked over the years, and happy with the castings – Ranger is totally hot, just like he is meant to be! But it is light, and funny, and Heigl is perfectly cast for mine. I hope they continue with some more of the series.

I then watched My Week With Marilyn, and despite disliking Michelle Williams with a passion, thought it was really good. This story of her visit to the UK to do a film, and her experiences with method-acting coaching, self esteem and mental health issues was so real, and portrayed so well. I also caught J. Edgar, with Leo starring as the founder of the FBI - interesting portrayal of a very extraordinary man. Next I viewed The Cup, the Australian movie about the 2002 Melbourne Cup win, and all that was going on for Aussies and the Oliver family that week. Such a great story, and one that makes you proud of our passionate, sporting nation!

I tuned in to bits and pieces of The Adventures Of Tin Tin on the domestic flight, and got the gist of it, although it didn’t really engage my attention. I was pleasantly surprised with a bonus upgrade to Business Class for my last flight, when I could curl up or stretch out, and crack the spine of the final Harry Potter novel.

Upon arrival, and my flirty admission into the country, I have grabbed a cab and checked into the room Melissa and I will share this week, at South Gap Hotel, in St Lawrence Gap. I totally feel like this is a second chance visit to Barbados for me, because last time, 4 years ago, I got sick and feel like I missed so much of it. I am so, so excited to lap it all up, and have the greatest time!

I am now sitting out on the balcony listening to Soca tunes from a playlist Springer put together, as the waves lap below me, and the full moon shines overhead. I was just going to wait for the girls to come back to The Gap so I can have a welcome drink with them before I crash…but I think I am done. Early start tomorrow for the first day of the First Test!

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