Saturday, November 05, 2011

Big Miner

As the planning begins for our next roadtrip, and the ongoing discussions that a such a trip should involve a border crossing and a few Aussie Big Things, I have discovered that we actually have one of these Big Things right here in Ballarat.

Of course, I think we don't really pay attention to the Big Miner, cos we pass him every time we drive out of Ballarat, and when we are driving home. Plus he stands out the front of the failed "Great Southern Woolshed", which I think we all just look away from, right?

So, it turns out he is 'a tribute to the tens of thousands of gold prospectors who frequented regional Victoria during the second half of the nineteenth century', but is actually now part of the tacky looking Gold Rush Mini Golf, distracting drivers coming over the hill into Ballarat.

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