Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Return of The Good China

After considerable time off with broken collar bones, travel, writing and recording new material, and replacing their bass player, The Good China returned to gigging on Friday night.

As I walked into The Cherry Bar, Mit from the band said hi to me, which made the crazy drive down from Ballarat in the belting rain all worth it! It was pretty exciting to be seeing them live again, with the prospect of new material, too. I met up with Nicole, in a venue I have been into briefly, but never for music.

I heard a couple of tracks from The Harlots, and then witnessed the crowd transfer as these fans exited the stage area, and a new set take their places. The various 8 China's set up their multi-instruments, and we wondered how they would all fit onto this little stage.

Opening with a new track, The China's then played All Nothing, rewarding their loyal gig attendees. Their set mixed up the new, punchier material with tracks we all knew, with the newly released No More Maps, No More Roads. Introducing Josh, the new bass, there wasn't nearly as much chatter with the crowd as other gigs, which I am assuming was nerves and excitement at being back to it again. We Found 3 Whistles was very good, and the energy on stage left us with a craving to see them again, very soon!

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