Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Top 5: Play Counts in '11

This annual look at my iTunes play courts was going to be a straight 5....til the weekend, and shuffle come along and made that invalid. So again, my top 10 plays will find the top 5 artists.

According to last.fm, I listen to 47 songs per day...that's a lot of my day! Whilst shuffle is my usual, I have actually played a lot of the artists who were at Splendour In The Grass in a playlist, and also a playlist of 2011 album/EP releases, frankly cos there were so many, and so many great ones!

The Aussie female supergroup Seeker Lover Keeper has skyrocketed to my most played, with their gorgeous Even Though I'm A Woman.

Gotye's Learnalilgivinanlovin is my second most played song. In line with this being my Favourite Song for the 30 Day Song Challenge, it does get a bit of play by me. Plus Gotye was also at Splendour, adding it to that playlist frequency over the last 4 months.

From one of my favourite albums of this year, Down By The Water by The Decemberists comes as one of 2 tracks in third place.

Sparkadia's Too Much To Do is the other. AB has featured pretty heavily in the music stakes for me this year, with his new album and his appearance at Splendour. Fade From View and Still Can't Make Up My Mind, from the 2011 release The Great Impression, come in at 6 and 7 songs respectively, being equal fourth played. Love Less Love also from this new album is ranked at 9 and Space and Time from his first album finishes the 10 songs, both being equal fifth in the most played list.

Between Two Lungs rounds out the fourth placed tracks, from Florence and the Machine, being the only track consistent with this review from last year.

In My Stride from Oh Mercy is the fifth band in my top 5 played songs, with a track from their EP In The Nude For Love.

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