Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Study Skills

There are occasions within my work where I recommend for a new client that assistance with study skills, given a return to study after never studying or having been away from study for such a long time, would be helpful in the overall plan for a return to function, improvement quality of life, and ultimately back to work.  And whenever I outline what it would be that I could assist with, I almost always feel like laughing out loud.  How could my study habits ever assist anyone else to successfully manage to complete their studies, in a low stress and organised way!

Having just finally completed my second last essay for the year, late (again!), I wonder what I could really offer anyone else!  My time management, anxiety-driven completion of any pieces for uni, and indeed any school work since the beginning of time, would surely create more psychological symptoms for a client of mine!  Do as I say, not as I do is definitely the way I function within this recommendation at work!

Being set a task to write an essay, my strategy is to try and read as widely as possible, to help my understanding of a topic.  Time allowing, of course.  And whilst I am doing so, I would be typing pertinent quotes, ideas and phrases into my laptop as a 'notes' document, which would then help me map out my argument, paragraphs, and ultimately the essay flow will then all join up with my own ideas and writings to make a nice, coherent piece of writing.  Sounds easy!  Sadly, it never seems to end up that way for me!

Procrastination is my biggest killer. The end of the year after balancing work and study will always take it's toll.  But the fact that I actually just trust that I will get something done is often my biggest downfall.  But I usually do, somehow!

I would love to know how anyone else actually does it, in a calm, non-panicked, and successful way!

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  1. I never managed to do it in a calm and non-panicked way but I was surprised that I did get all of my assignments in "on time" this time round.

    Things that worked for me:
    (1) Turning off the internet
    (2) Using the Pomodoro technique. Set a timer and work for 25 minutes and then give yourself 5 minutes break. Do that 4 times then have a half hour break. Repeat.
    (3) Asking for extensions! If I knew that I was going to busy I would email the lecturer a couple of weeks before the assignment was due and ask for extension. I was surprised that I was always granted one.

    I know that these things probably won't work for you because we have such different personalities.


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